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Practice-Based Research Network
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The Complementary Care Practice-Based Research Network (CC-PBRN) is a practice-based research network in Florida. This network serves as a statewide resource for patient-centered outcomes research in medical marijuana and other complementary care approaches. The CC-PBRN is an academic-industry partnership between Florida State University (FSU) and Medical Marijuana Treatment Clinics of Florida (MMTC).

The Numbers: We currently have 25 outpatient practices that serve over 60,000 patients in 24 different counties across Florida. Our resources are a potential source of research participants for both observational studies as well as traditional clinical trials. The outpatient clinical practices can also serve as units of analysis for pragmatic trials comparing different care protocols and organizational structure.

Led by Dr. Nicole Ennis and Dr. Cameron Vance, the CC-PBRN integrates Medical Marijuana Treatment Clinics of Florida clinical resources and Florida State University’s academic research infrastructure to provide a framework that serves researchers across the state of Florida.

For additional information on practice-based research networks in general, please visit the Agency for Healthcare Research and Qualit (AHRQ).

CC-PBRN Objectives

Our Mission

Serve as a liaison between clinic sites and investigators for the purpose of conducting research

Serve as a community based complementary care research laboratory

Streamline research request and manage logistics

Ensure non-contamination of co-existing projects

Assist with study design

Provide supporting documentation for study feasibility and hypothesis generation

Assist with the development of data collection protocols

Provide clinical site coordination

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